The Independent Communications Dealer Association of Canada Inc.


The Independent Communications Dealer Association of Canada Inc.

Since its inception, the ICDAC has created a strong, cohesive association of members working together toward common objectives. We have achieved recognition as a group of entrepreneurs committed to ensuring consistent, fair and sound business practices. Among other things, we have successfully negotiated contractual matters that resulted in immediate and long-term benefits for our members. Through our efforts, we have also strengthened our position as a group and achieved greater bargaining power that will serve us now and in the future.

Who We Are

Formulated in 2000 and incorporated in 2004, the Independent Communications Dealer Association of Canada (ICDAC) is the representative body for the entrepreneurs who are reselling and retailing, under contract and license, wireline and wireless products and services.

IDAC members operate under the names of Bell World, Espace Bell, Bell Mobility or Bell Mobilité, and represent approximately 80% of the dealers (non-franchise and non-corporate) in Québec and approximately 80% of those in Ontario.

The ICDAC currently represents over 177 locations, close to 2 000 employees and approximately $145 million in annual revenues.

The ICDAC was formed to give a voice to its members, strengthen each member's position in the marketplace and ensure their viability as entrepreneurs.

If you want to know more about our structure see our Executive board of directors.

Mission Statement

The ICDAC is committed to supporting all members in creating and sustaining continued growth in a healthy and positive business environment. As part of its mandate, the ICDAC negotiates on behalf of members and monitors activities to ensure that contractual obligations towards them are respected.

Last meeting

During one of our last meeting, it was agreed that this site would serve you as springboard to have access to all the members of the association. Here are two lists in PDF format, if corrections are to be brought, please communicate with us. We shall add any relevant piece of information to the members according to the demand.

Quebec Members List in PDF

Ontario Members List in PDF


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